10 Common Eye Care Qs and As

Do you have eye care questions? Look no further. We have answers! With decades of combined optometry experience, our team fields questions from patients every day. Our focus is your eye health and your vision, and our priority is listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and thoroughly explaining eye conditions, vision-related options, and treatment choices. If you do not see your question listed below, please call Elite Vision Care at (281) 554-7080 or make sure to bring your questions with you to your next office visit.


10 Common Eye Care Questions and Answers:


Do I need a comprehensive eye exam each year if my vision is good and my eyes feel healthy?

Yes! Elite Vision Care recommends annual comprehensive eye exams – even for individuals that don’t have current vision problems. The purpose of an annual eye exam is to discover and treat vision or eye health problems early.

How long does an eye exam last?

In most cases and depending on your needs, a comprehensive eye exam lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour. To save time, new patients may complete our New Patient Forms online before your first appointment.

Can you help me select eyewear that will enhance my appearance?

Elite Vision Care has an on-site eyewear boutique staffed by trained eyewear specialists that provide expert advice for selecting the best possible frame to compliment your facial features, style, and prescription.

Are contact lenses available for purchase through Elite Vision Care?

We offer contact lens fitting appointments, and we also have an online contact lens ordering service.  We offer a full suite of contact lens types, including specialty and transition lenses.

Are glasses better than contacts?

There is not a conclusive answer to whether glasses or contacts are better. Glasses might be advantageous to one person, and contact lenses are the preferred choice for another. You can decide which you prefer!

Do you accept my vision plan or medical insurance?

Elite Vision Care works with a variety of vision plans and medical insurance carriers, and many of them are listed on our website. If you don’t see your specific plan on the list, please call us.

Why do my eyes always feel dry?

Many people suffer from chronic dry eyes. Our goal is discovering the underlying cause of the problem and effectively treat it. There’s no reason to live with dry eyes when there is a solution.

Why does it seem like my vision is blurry?

Your vision might be blurry due to something simple – such as incorrect glasses or contact lens prescription. However, blurry vision can be attributed to other issues. If you have consistently blurry vision, schedule an eye doctor visit as soon as possible.

If I wear glasses with the wrong prescription, will it make my vision worse?

Looking through an incorrect prescription might make you dizzy, give you a headache, and make you feel nauseous, but it is unlikely to cause permanent damage to your eyes or vision.

How can I keep my eyes as healthy as possible?

We recommend visiting for an annual eye health and vision exams, eating a healthy diet, always wearing sunglasses when you are outside during the day, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. 

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