Best Ways to Clean Eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, you’re undoubtedly aware of how quickly they can get dirty. From fingerprints to facial oil, to smudges from various sources, it’s challenging to keep a pair of glasses spotless for more than a short time.

When glasses are dirty, many people impulsively remove them from their face, blow a puff of air on them, and rub them with their shirt sleeve. Even though this method seems like a good one, it’s not necessarily the best cleaning technique, and often results in scratched lenses.

If your glasses are dirty, and you want to clean the lenses, here are a few tips for completing the process efficiently, safely, and effectively:

Clean Your Eyeglasses Every Day

When you regularly clean your lenses, they will sustain less grease and grime build up. Clean lenses are more comfortable to wear and allow for the clearest vision.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Solution or Dish Soap

A suitable lens cleaning solution is available to purchase at most optical centers that sell glasses as well as most drug stores. If you do not have this type of solution on hand, you can opt for non-moisturizing dish soap. Use a cotton or microfiber cloth to dry your lenses after washing them.

Keep Lens Wipes Handy

Stock your purse, car, backpack, or desk drawer with pre-packaged lens wipes. These wipes are easy to use, disposable, and extremely helpful if you don’t have access to a spray bottle filled with lens cleaner, mild dishwashing soap, or a sink with running water.

Make Sure to Wash Your Hands

Not only should your hands be freshly washed before cleaning your glasses, but you should also try to keep your hands as clean and oil-free throughout the day. Your hands and fingers inevitably touch your face during the day and leave fingerprints and smudges on your glasses.

Prevent Lens Scratches

Avoiding scratched lenses is often easier said than done, especially if you regularly use an undesirable lens cleaning technique. A few cleaning techniques to avoid include staying away from squirting a harsh glass cleaner solution on your lenses, not rubbing your lenses with any type of material when the lenses are dry and keeping your lenses away from paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels. All of these cleaning methods are not recommended because they can, and probably will cause scratches on your lenses.

What to Do if Your Eyeglasses are Scratched?

Even if you paid extra for scratch-resistant lenses when you initially purchased your glasses, they might sustain a scratch – especially if you are not careful when cleaning them. Depending on the location, type, and depth of the scratch, they may or may not be repairable. Before you purchase your next pair of glasses, ask about a scratch warranty that pays for the replacement of scratch lenses. In the meantime, make sure to keep your glasses in their protective case when you’re not wearing them.

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