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Ray-Ban Oakley Glasses at Elite Vision Care


Elite Vision Care has worked hard to build an optical selection filled with attractive, eye-catching designs. But it wouldn’t be a complete collection without Ray-Ban, which we love to recommend to customers who want a classic, vibrant, and instantly recognizable look.

​​​​​​​Why We’re Proud to Offer Ray-Ban Eyewear

Ray-Ban’s origins parallel that of aviation itself, when pilots needed specially designed glasses that would hold up under stress and shield their eyes from bright, open skies. Thus, the legendary Aviators were born. Ray-Ban went on to design the famed Wayfarer, Olympian, and Clubmaster frame lines —household names, which in the world of eyewear is an incredible feat. There have been lesser imitations of these famed designs produced by other companies, but they’ll never be Ray-Ban.

Why Choose Ray-Ban Eyeglasses?

Ray-Ban has always been synonymous with a cool, composed style. Tom Cruise donning Aviators on the set of Top Gun, surfers taking it easy in Wayfarers — all it takes is one set of Ray-Ban frames for you to be in good company. They’ve maintained the classic style and durability from their original designs, built to look and feel good in a cockpit, at the beach, or entering a meeting of the minds. Elite Vision Care offers Ray-Ban eyewear for customers who want a style that isn’t just timeless, but completely iconic.

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