Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams in League City, TX


At Elite Vision Care, we make sure that you and your child always feel comfortable, engaged, and fully attended to throughout the pediatric eye exam process. With our trusted eye doctors who can illustrate how the eye works, use advanced technology to diagnose and treat different conditions, and get your kids excited about our amazing eyewear options, Elite Vision Care is the place to start your child’s eye care journey.

We’re a family-friendly, locally-owned practice here in League City that kids love and parents trust, and we’d like to show you how we take the absolute best care of your little ones.

Why Pediatric Eye Care Matters

Every parent wants the best for their children — socially, developmentally, and throughout their lives — and children rely on their vision a great deal while they’re growing and learning. If they can’t see the world around them clearly, they can struggle to read, write, perform athletically, or even socialize.

​​​​​​​Children can develop vision issues such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism at an early age. They’re also at greater risk for certain eye conditions, such as strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (“lazy eye”). We offer children’s glasses for patients as young as three years old, and all-ages eye disease treatment, to make sure your children see clearly during these critical years.

How Often to Have Pediatric Eye Exams

How often your children need to have an eye exam depends on their age. We start with infant eye exams at as young as six months old, because that’s the approximate age at which eyes can work together to focus on objects, and your baby will begin to use their eyesight more in exploring the world around them.

​​​​​​​From that point, you’ll want to make sure they’re hitting certain developmental milestones — your eye doctor will determine an appropriate exam schedule for your child’s needs. Starting around age six and through adolescence, we highly recommend an annual eye exam to maintain good eye health.

What Causes Dry Eye Disease?

The most common cause of dry eye is Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD) or a similar issue with the eyelid’s meibomian glands, which produce oil for tears. However, there are many potential causes: if any of the primary components of tears are lacking, or even certain nutrients, dry eye can occur.

Some risk factors are out of your control, such as being over 50, being pregnant or menopausal, or having recently had eye surgery. Risk factors that you can control include changing your contact lens wear, reducing screen time, avoiding contaminated air, and addressing other eye conditions.

Dry Eye Disease Diagnosis & Treatment at Elite Vision Care

At Elite Vision Care, we start with a complete evaluation of your eyes to diagnose the root cause(s) of your particular dry eye. Our top-of-the-line equipment helps us catch all potential underlying causes by examining your cornea, tear ducts, eyelids, and oil glands. We also have a TearLab on site to test tear osmolarity, one of the most trusted assessments of dry eye disease available today.

We use everything we learn about your eyes, and lifestyle, to put together a personalized dry eye management plan for you.

These plans often use a combination of the following treatments:

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