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At Elite Vision Care in League City, TX, we strive to provide you and your family with concierge-quality eye care in a stress-free office that respects your time.

Our family-friendly contact lens experts are here to help everyone — whether they’ve been wearing contacts for years and just need a prescription update, or are a child being fit for specialty options for the first time — see as clearly as possible in their lenses.

​​​​​​​Why Contact Lens Fit & Quality Matter

If your contact lenses don’t fit well, they can’t correct your vision as much as they’re intended to. For example, when a lens moves around on the eye, or focuses your vision at the wrong angles, your correction will suffer.

It’s also easy to imagine that poorly-fitting contacts are uncomfortable but even worse, they can irritate the eye and increase the risk of infection.

Every eye is different, and while some people think (or have been told by other eye doctors) that they can’t find contacts that would work for their eye condition, we’re often able to find a solution for even the most hard-to-fit patients. A quality fit matters — and we can help just about anyone get it.

How We Get You into The Right Lenses

It’s important to us at Elite Vision Care that your contacts give you the best vision possible, and they do so comfortably. That’s why we offer personalized, time-efficient contact lens exams and specialty fittings. We combine what we learn about you with our years of expertise to select the right size and brand of lenses for your, and your family’s, needs.

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