Family Eye Exams

Family Eye Exams in League City, TX


At Elite Vision Care​​​​​​​ in League City, our goal is to provide your family with concierge-quality eye care that meets your every need — and respects your busy schedule.

Our family eye exams take care of every member of your family in a single appointment. You can expect our comprehensive, attentive eye care, delivered in an efficient and stress-free visit.

What Is A Family Eye Exam?

We’ve designed it so that during a single visit, your family can come in for back-to-back (or, if your child needs accompanying, shared) eye exams. It’s a more efficient way of doing things without sacrificing our personal touch: everyone meets with the same eye doctor and optician to ensure that no information is lost in the shuffle, and you can rest easy knowing that everyone in the family has their eye care sorted.

We personalize our exams so even your littlest children can have an eye exam that suits their needs: all of our staff are highly patient and great with children of all kinds. While children aren’t in their exam, they’ll wait with one parent in a kids’ area with iPads and games to keep them entertained.

After everyone’s eye exams are through, the whole family takes a trip to our optical shop together to choose eyewear from our all-ages collection.

How Often Should My Family Have Eye Exams?

The minimum should be once a year — and with our family eye exams, that’s easier to accomplish than ever!

Children need an annual exam to keep up with their developing eyes. Their prescriptions often change year over year, and it’s important to monitor their eye development and watch for age-specific conditions such as strabismus (“crossed eyes”) or amblyopia (“lazy eyes”).

With adults, we’re always working to stay out in front of your eye health. We update your vision prescription and use advanced technology to look for signs of possible eye conditions that become more common as you age, so that we can start treating and managing them before they affect your vision.

Our All-Ages Eye Doctors

When you take your family to Elite Vision Care, it’s because you want eye care that you can trust. Every eye doctor here is an expert with years of experience, and they’ve developed effective communication so they can provide a full understanding of what’s going on with your vision and eye health. Whether a patient is five years old or 85, whether that means talking about a golf game with a parent or about school and extracurriculars with kids, we make patients of all ages feel right at home in our exam lanes.

This quality communication isn’t only for your comfort: the better we know your family and how each member uses their vision day to day, the better we can provide precisely the right eye care solutions for everyone.

Family Eye Exam Services

We want to be a trustworthy, reliable team for your family. You’ll work with your shared eye doctor and optician, and they’ll collaborate, to bring you the best results and ongoing care.

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