Is it Time for Reading Glasses?

If you’re over the age of 40 and you’ve noticed that reading is getting harder and harder without squinting, it might be time for reading glasses. Many people resist their growing need for reading glasses as long as possible. However, reading glasses make it much easier to see items and words up close.

It’s Part of the Aging Process

The medical term for difficulty seeing things clearly from a close distance is presbyopia. It’s common for the human eye to become rigid as you grow older. This inflexibility makes it challenging to focus on things including reading. This is why glasses for this type of vision problem are often called “readers.”

If you are experiencing symptoms of presbyopia, it’s time to visit your doctor for a professional evaluation. Unfortunately, stopping your eyes from aging is impossible. But, there are products, such as readers, that make seeing up close easier and more comfortable.

Visiting the Eye Doctor for Reading Glasses

It’s essential that you visit your optometrist if you suspect that you might have presbyopia. A thorough vision exam will determine your correct glasses prescription. Many people who need readers also wear glasses or contact lenses for myopia, which is commonly referred to as nearsightedness.

Glasses vs. Contact Lenses

If you wear glasses or contacts for nearsightedness, and you also need readers to clearly see items and words up close, there are a few options. There are bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses, or progressive lenses that fit in most frames. These lenses make it possible to see up close and far away without having to continually take off one pair and put on a different pair of glasses. Contact lenses are also available in the multifocal variety.

Purchasing Reading Glasses

Readers of many shapes, styles, and strengths are sold in places such as grocery stores, clothing stores, and even gas stations. Some are quite inexpensive, costing less than $10 per pair. It’s tempting to purchase inexpensive reading glasses to use when you need them. However, low-priced reading glasses are not necessarily high-quality and can lead to headaches and eye strain.

Prescription reading glasses with custom-fabricated lenses are optimal. Prescription reading glasses have accurate lenses, and they fit comfortably. And if you ever experience a problem with the glasses, you can seek advice from the facility in which they were purchased.

If you are experiencing presbyopia, Elite Vision Care is here to help. To start, schedule a complete comprehensive eye health and vision exam by calling (281) 554-7080. During your appointment, we will discuss the pros and cons of your various vision correction options and help you make the best choice. We want your eyes to remain healthy and your vision to stay sharp.

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