How Do You Know If Your Kid Needs A Pediatric Eye Exam?

Do you remember how old you were when you got your first pair of glasses? How did you know you needed them? Were you having trouble seeing clearly at school? Many children and teenagers discover that they have vision problems when they are in middle or high school. Once they suspect they are having trouble seeing, their parents typically schedule an eye doctor visit for a vision exam.

When a child is too young to discover or articulate their vision problems, it’s up to parents to notice that vision issues exist. While many pediatricians and schools give young children a basic vision screening exam once a year, problems are often missed. Therefore, if you are a parent, it’s essential to know the common signs that your child might need glasses.

Signs Your Child May Need A Pediatric Eye Exam

It’s recommended that adults, as well as children, visit an optometrist once a year for a routine eye health exam and a vision exam. An annual exam helps ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and normal. A regular exam also includes a vision screening that is more in-depth than the type administered at your child’s annual exam at the pediatrician’s office and any vision exam that may or may not be provided at your child’s school.

Schedule a kids eye exam if you notice any of the following:

  • Squinting when trying to read, focus on an object, or see something at a distance
  • Trouble reading, which might only be apparent to you when your child reads out loud
  • Eyes that do not seem to move in sync with each other
  • Your child regularly tilts his or her head when looking at something nearby or far away
  • Holding a screen (phone, iPad, computer, television) excessively close to his or her face
  • A tendency to cover one (specific) eye with a hand, which indicates that at least one eye is experiencing vision issues
  • Your child rubs his or her eyes often, without any other explanation such as an illness

There are several other reasons to suspect your child might need glasses including behavior problems at home or school, unusual sensitivity to light, or complaints of recurring headaches

Clear Vision Changes a Child’s View!

There’s nothing more special than observing your child see clearly through a pair of glasses! Many children live for months or years without parents realizing their child has a vision problem. When the child finally receives a pair of glasses with the correct prescription, that child’s life can change dramatically for the better.

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