Tips for Avoiding Eye Injuries

Unless your profession requires protective eye gear, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about protecting your eyes from avoidable injuries. Unfortunately, preventable eye injuries are not uncommon. People visit eye doctors and even emergency rooms for eye emergency treatment. Your eyesight is incredibly important, so seeking immediate medical treatment is essential if an eye injury occurs.

Eye Injury Examples

Eye trauma causes pain, discomfort, a noticeable change in your vision, or swelling in or around the eye. A foreign body in your eye that causes pain, a finger poked in the eye, or even accidentally walking into a wall can cause a severe injury. Eyes are delicate and easily injured. Anything that results in sustained pain or vision loss requires emergency evaluation and treatment.

Common Eye Injuries:


Foreign Objects in the Eye

Particles blowing through the air on a windy day are notorious for landing in a person’s eye. Sometimes, it’s practically impossible to see tiny particles by looking in the mirror. It’s important to not rub your eye because rubbing can exacerbate an injury. Sometimes, special ophthalmic equipment detects the smallest foreign object in your eye. Visit your eye doctor or an emergency room for an evaluation and proper diagnosis.

Chemicals and Eye Burns

No matter if you work with chemicals daily, or you are exposed to chemicals when cleaning your bathroom, they are dangerous when they come in contact with your eyes. A serious eye injury that involves chemicals stings, burns, causes swelling, pain, and blurry vision. Besides flushing your eyes with water at home, a full eye examination, testing, and appropriate treatment prevents permanent damage.

Eye Injuries from Sports

It’s extremely common for athletes to sustain eye injuries while practicing or competing in a game or event. Bats, balls, and blows to the eyes are almost expected – except for players or participants that consistently wear appropriate protective eye gear. Immediately evaluate and treat eye injuries due to participation in sports. Early treatment prevents permanent vision loss and ensures your eye’s overall health and wellness.

Sunburned Eyes

Just like skin, eyes get sunburned. Wearing appropriate sunglasses while outdoors prevents sunburned eyes. Sunburned eyes are painful, watery, blurry, and sensitive to light. Common symptoms also include redness and puffiness. Sunburned eyes heal on their own after a few days, but repeated eye sunburns eventually result in serious eye conditions.

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